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  • €12/person
  • 40
  • 50 minutes


Dive boat Safari Tenerife

Explore the ocean depths of Tenerife in style with our exclusive dive boat safari Tenerife. On board our comfortable dive boat, enjoy unrivalled views of marine life without getting wet. Admire colourful fish, meet fascinating marine inhabitants and be enchanted by the ocean's hidden treasures.

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For this excursion, you pay only an advance of €12/person you pay the remaining amount at the start of the trip.

Board a unique adventure with Triperife Excursions' Tenerife Dive Boat, a remarkable underwater excursion that reveals the beauty of Golf del Sur.

An Underwater Journey Like No Other: The Tenerife Submarine takes you on an enchanting one-hour voyage, suitable for groups of up to 44 people. From the beautiful Amarilla Marina, we explore the depths of the ocean, where a stunning variety of fish and marine life awaits you. Meet the rare rays, a spectacle that often escapes wild nature but reveals itself bright and clear from behind the windows of the dive boat.

Multilingual Guide to a Global Experience: Regardless of your background, our expert guide is fluent in English, German and French, making this excursion a global experience. It goes beyond an ordinary open-sea experience; it is an hour-long immersion in the mysteries of the ocean.

Food Spectacle and Unforgettable Recordings: See how divers feed the rays, making them easy to watch. Every moment of this trip is captured on camera, giving you the chance to buy a video and relive the excursion from and outside the dive boat.

Deep Discoveries and Fascinating History:
The Tenerife Dive Boat reveals not only the diversity of fish but also ancient shipwrecks with a fascinating history. Every underwater world has something to tell us, and this excursion is the key to unravelling these mysteries.

A Must for Tenerife Visitors:
In short, this excursion is highly recommended, promising great discoveries in a short time. A must for anyone who has the opportunity to visit Tenerife. Be surprised by the enchanting world beneath the waves with Dive Boat Safari Tenerife!

  • Free pick-up in South Tenerife
  • This trip lasts 50 Minutes

Children under 2 can unfortunately not participate 

You won't see dolphins and whales on this trip

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You can cancel up to 24 hours before the trip

Frequently asked questions about the Tenerife submarine

The Submarine Safari in Tenerife offers an unforgettable underwater experience, allowing you to explore the beautiful underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean without getting wet yourself.
Tickets for the Submarine Safari in Tenerife are available from Triperife Excursions, your trusted partner for excursions and experiences in Tenerife.
Yes! Book your tickets with Triperife Excursions and enjoy a free pick-up service in South Tenerife. An extra benefit to make your adventure even more comfortable.
Children aged 2 years and above are welcome to participate in the Submarine Safari. However, please note that children under 2 years old cannot participate in this exciting underwater experience.
During the Submarine Safari, you will descend to depths where you can discover colourful fish, fascinating marine fauna and even shipwrecks. It is a breathtaking journey accompanied by experienced professionals.
Yes, the in the submarine atmospheric pressure is the same as on the surface, so it is perfectly safe for pregnant women to participate in the Submarine excursion
The interior of the submarine is maintained at normal atmospheric conditions, and so it feels no different from being on the surface. Therefore, even at the bottom of the ocean, your ears will NOT be affected.

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  • Adult + 14 years

    Place on the submarine adult

    € 57.00
  • Children 2-14 years

    Place on the submarine children

    € 35.00


Google Reviews

912 reviews
  • Lidia
    in the last week

    Fun experience. Clear water and you can see typical fishes plus ray fish. There's also headphones with multiple languages that explains a lot during the experience. Crew members from another safety boat also dive in the water with the fish which was very cool. When you leave the submarine you also get a fun certificate and a photo (that is taken before going into the boat). I would have given this place 5 stars if there were more rare fish.

  • Sean Walker
    Sean Walker
    2 weeks ago

    Great time on the submarine safari very informative it's air-conditioned so nice and cool inside you can take a bottle of water with you. Kids loved it around an hour in all just long enough I'd say. I was calm on the day we went out. Would definitely do it again.

  • Leeanne Hart
    Leeanne Hart
    2 months ago

    Great organised event, worth the money, we were picked up and dropped off at our location. Great photo opportunity, which is free. Can buy additional photos as an option at the end. Very informative about the island and ocean. Great explanation, we would recommend.

  • Pra ßa
    Pra ßa
    3 months ago

    It was a wonderful experience. The submarine went to a depth of 30m below sea level. We were able to see several fishes but mostly of 4-5 different types. The divers then bought some stingrays close to the windows. It was nice. The company operating is also very friendly and helpful. If you use public transport from the area you get dropped, you have to walk roughly a kilometre to get this place and it is towards the end of the ship yard. You must continue walking towards the end. Footpath/pedestrian path is not there beyond the initial few metres in the shipyard so be mindful with kids and people needing support.

  • Kelly O'Brien
    Kelly O'Brien
    3 months ago

    Literally the best thing I did in all of Tenerife! My boyfriend's birthday was on this day, and they really made it special. Thanks so much!

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