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Water sports in Tenerife

In sunny southern Tenerife, we offer exciting Water sports in Tenerife to. Thanks to the perfect year-round climate, this is the place for adventure on the water. Whether you want to parasail, jet ski, dive, or experience other water sports, our excursions create the ideal setting. Come to Tenerife and discover the excitement of Water sports in Tenerife with us!

The most spectacular water sports in Tenerife

Jet ski Tenerife

Discover the unrivalled excitement of jet skiing in breathtaking Tenerife with Triperife Excursions, your ultimate destination for sensational water sports in Tenerife! We offer adventure jetski excursions, where you can enjoy the bright sunshine and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean while tearing across the waves at high speeds.

Whether you are a novice jet skier or an experienced rock at the sport, our experienced guides are ready to guide you for a safe and unforgettable ride. Tenerife is known for its perfect year-round climate, making it a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. At Triperife Excursions, we aim to give you the ultimate jet ski experience, where thrills and adventure come together in the beautiful surroundings of Tenerife.

Watersports in Tenerife: A Unique Experience

Inflatables in Tenerife

Enjoy the ultimate water adventures in Tenerife with our inflatable attractions! Board the Crazy UFO, be amazed by the Banana Boat and fly like a fish with our Fly Fish. Excitement and fun await you on Tenerife's crystal clear waters. Perfect for groups of friends and families looking for adventure at sea. Book your inflatable adventure today and make memories you will never forget on this beautiful Canary Island

Water sports variety in Tenerife

Diving and snorkelling in Tenerife

Discover the wonders of diving and snorkelling in enchanting Tenerife! With an abundance of marine life and crystal clear waters, Tenerife offers an unforgettable diving and snorkelling experience. Whether you are an experienced diver or snorkelling for the first time, our guides ensure safety and fun. Explore volcanic caves, curious fish and maybe even turtles as you explore the magical underwater world. Tenerife is the perfect place for adventure and relaxation under the sea. Book your diving or snorkelling adventure now and discover Tenerife's hidden treasures!

The Best Water Sports Adventures in Tenerife

Sport fishing in Tenerife

Go on an exciting Sportfishing adventure in beautiful Tenerife! As part of the various water sports in Tenerife, sport fishing offers you the chance to explore the waters of the Atlantic and catch some impressive species of fish, such as tuna, dorado, wahoo and marlin. Whether you are a seasoned angler or trying it for the first time, our experienced crew is ready to guide you to the best fishing spots. Enjoy the sunshine, the salty breeze and the excitement of catching your own fish meal. Book your sportfishing adventure and experience the magic of fishing in Tenerife's waters!

Water sports in Tenerife: A World of Possibilities

Other water sports in Tenerife

Discover the exciting world of water sports in Tenerife! Our range of adventure excursions includes parasailing, flyboarding, water-skiing and wakeboarding. With Tenerife's beautiful coastline as a backdrop, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience full of adrenaline. Whether you want to brave the sky while parasailing, float on the water on a flyboard, test your skills with water-skiing or wakeboarding, we have something for everyone. Discover the thrill of water sports in beautiful Tenerife and have a holiday full of adventure and fun!

Water sports in Tenerife

Water sports in Tenerife: A paradise for adventurers

Tenerife, with its enchanting beaches and crystal clear waters, is known as a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or just looking for some relaxing water adventures, there is something for everyone. Let's take a look at some of the exciting water sports in Tenerife that you shouldn't miss.

Jet skiing: Speed and thrills on the waves

Jet skiing in Tenerife is a thrilling experience that gives you the chance to tear across azure waters and feel the wind in your hair. With professional instructors and well-maintained jet skis, you can brave the waves with confidence and enjoy the thrill of this popular water sport.

Diving: Explore Tenerife's underwater world

Tenerife is also known for its diverse underwater world and spectacular dive sites. Whether you are an experienced diver or have never dived before, there are opportunities for all levels. Explore the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and admire the unique marine life found here. 

Sportfishing: A Catch to Be Proud of

For those who enjoy a quieter water activity, sport fishing in Tenerife offers a relaxing escape. Board a well-equipped fishing boat and cast your line into the deep waters of the Atlantic. Here you can try your hand at some of the most impressive catches, including tuna, marlin and dorado.

Parasailing/Paracending: Floating in the Air with Views

Parasailing is one of the most exciting ways to see Tenerife from a different perspective. As you soar high above the ocean, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the island. Experience ultimate freedom while being safely guided by experienced professionals.

Snorkelling with Turtles: An Encounter with Sea Treasures

For nature lovers, snorkelling with turtles in Tenerife is an experience not to be missed. The waters around the island are home to beautiful sea turtles, and snorkelling offers the perfect opportunity to admire these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Book Your Watersports Adventure in Tenerife with Triperife Excursions

Booking these exciting water sports excursions in Tenerife is easy through Triperife Excursions. Our company has an excellent reputation and has only received 5-star reviews from satisfied customers on Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure on the water and discover the wonders of Tenerife like never before.

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