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  • €30
  • 8 jet skis
  • From 20 minutes


Jet skiing in Tenerife: Ultimate Water Fun on Top Jet Skis

Experience unparalleled water adventures in Tenerife with Jetski Tenerife from Triperife Excursions! Whether you seek adrenaline or want to explore the serene beauty of the coastline, we have the perfect jetski experience for you.

From the fast 20-minute Turbo Ride Our 40 minutes jet ski tenerife trip to the extensive 60 Minutes Costa Adeje jet ski,  Our modern jet skis from Yamaha and Seadoo guarantee excitement. Safety comes first with experienced guidance and first-class equipment.

Book your jet ski adventure and opt for a 5-star experience on Tenerife's waves with Triperife Excursions.


Pay only an advance

For this excursion, you pay only an advance of €30 you pay the remaining amount at the start of the trip.

Jet skiing in Tenerife: Ultimate Water Fun on Top Jet Skis

Welcome to our extensive collection of exhilarating jet ski adventures in beautiful Tenerife! Our mission is simple: to offer you the most unforgettable and exciting water experiences this island has to offer. Whether you are an adventurous spirit yearning for adrenaline or just want to enjoy the serene beauty of the coastline, we have the perfect jet ski experience for you.

20-Minute Turbo Ride: Jetski in Tenerife

For those who want a quick adrenaline rush, our 20-minute turbo ride is ideal. Speed, excitement and the feeling of freedom on the open sea - this is jet skiing in its purest form. We provide a safe demarcated environment where you can show off your inner speed demon.

40 Minutes Coastal Ride: Jetski in Tenerife Costa Adeje

Our 40-minute jet ski coastal ride is perfect for adventurers who want to see more of Tenerife's beautiful coastline. Glide past hidden coves, discover secluded beaches and enjoy breathtaking sea views. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the water and take advantage of the opportunity to choose your personal pace of exploration.

60 Minutes Costa Adeje Adventure: In-depth Exploration of Jetski in Tenerife

For those seeking the ultimate in-depth experience, we offer a 60-minute jet ski in Tenerife adventure. Go off the beaten track, explore remote locations and have more time to swim, snorkel and explore the underwater world. This is your chance to admire Tenerife from a unique perspective.

Jetski Costa Adeje - Explore the Coastline in Style

Our jet ski in Tenerife adventures are possible thanks to our new powerful jet skis from top brands such as Yamaha and Seadoo. These state-of-the-art machines offer unrivalled performance for your ultimate fun on the water. With powerful engines and advanced technologies, they deliver a breathtaking jet ski experience.

Safety is our top priority, which is why we provide experienced professionals to guide you and first-class equipment to ensure your comfort during these exciting activities.

Don't miss this opportunity to Jetski in Tenerife discover from the water and experience the beauty of this island in all its glory. Book your jet ski adventure now and embark on an unforgettable journey in Tenerife!


Book your jet ski in Tenerife now!

With us, you don't have to worry about large upfront payments. We understand that you want to plan first and then enjoy. That's why we only ask for a deposit when booking your Jetski ride. Book today and experience the exhilarating feeling of Jetskiing in beautiful Tenerife soon! Discover our other water sports activities here. 

Find out why we are the choice for unforgettable adventures in Tenerife. Whether it's jet ski rides, boat trips or other exciting excursions, our reviews on TripAdvisorGoogle and Facebook speak for themselves with radiant 5 stars. At Triperife, we don't just create experiences; we make memories that stick. Choose a 5-star adventure on the waves of Tenerife with Triperife Excursions.


During the 40-minute and 60-minute trip, you can change drivers if both drivers are +18 years old

The 20-minute jet ski is in a designated area. From 40 Minutes you'll set off on your jet ski in Tenerife on the open water with a guide 

Are you 16 or 17 and want to drive a jet ski yourself? Then your parents must give written permission. Persons arriving at the meeting point under the influence will not be able to participate and will lose their deposit.

Need help or have questions?

Our customer service team is at your service 7 days a week, and we speak English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French. You can reach us for all your questions from 08h30 to 22h30.
Cancellation policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours before the trip

What is Jetski Tenerife?

Jet skiing in Tenerife is an exciting water sports activity offered by Triperife Excursions. Jetski Tenerife lets you ride powerful and modern jet skis from top brands such as Yamaha and Seadoo as you explore Tenerife's beautiful waters.

No, Jetski Tenerife is accessible to both beginners and experienced riders. Our expert instructors are ready to guide you, whether you are a beginner or already experienced in jet skiing.
To drive a single jetski yourself at Jetski Tenerife, you must be at least 16 years old. Children from 1.30 metres tall can join our exciting jetski rides as passengers.
The duration of a Jetski Tenerife ride usually ranges from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on your choice and availability.
Yes, it is highly recommended to book in advance for Jetski Tenerife, as this is a popular activity. This allows us to ensure that your desired jetski adventure is available when you want to participate.
Jet ski trips in Tenerife depart from Puerto Colón Costa Adeje or from Marina Del Sur in Las Galettas.
The jet skis in Tenerife that we offer are the fastest jet skis available in Tenerife. Many other companies limit the power and top speed of the jet skis. With us, you can enjoy the full power of the jet ski. The maximum speed is around 60-70 km/h

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20-minute jet ski in Tenerife

  • 20 Minutes Single

    1 Jet ski for 1 person

    € 60.00
  • 20 Minutes Double

    1 jet ski for 2 persons

    € 70.00

40 Minutes Jet Skiing in Tenerife

  • 40 minutes Single

    1 Jet ski for 1 person

    € 75.00
  • 40 Minutes Double

    1 jet ski for 2 persons

    € 80.00

1 hour jet ski in Tenerife

  • 1 hour single

    1 jet ski for 1 person

    € 95.00
  • 1 hour double

    1 jet ski for 2 persons

    € 105.00



Google Reviews

148 reviews
  • Sinead Shortall
    Sinead Shortall
    in the last week

    We had the most amazing experience on the Jet Skis from start to finish. The instructor was very friendly and helpful and guided us the whole way while ensuring we had great fun too. We got some amazing photos of our experience. I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Tenerife to do this.

  • Lucy Dominey
    Lucy Dominey
    8 months ago

    Fantastic experience, the lady who booked us in, explained the concept of the hour and afterwards showed us the photos was incredibly friendly and great, the guy on the boat who was guiding us around was great too. We paid €100 for a double, 1 hour. You get a boat out to the jet skis, some time on them, a little half time to take a swim or if you're doubled up to switch over. Then you continue again before getting back on the boat that brought you out to the jet skis. They are very fast! I clocked up to 66 kph at one point which is double any I've ever done in the past €20 at the end if you want to take away your photos, we had 45 photos of us so brilliant price. Would definitely recommend if you're in Tenerife and like jet skis

  • Anna-Lee Milligan
    Anna-Lee Milligan
    3 months ago

    My girlfriend and I had an hour on the jet skis today, it was our first time and we loved it! The staff are great and the skis are really fast. Would highly recommend when in Tenerife! Only wish we had did longer ☺️.

  • Darren Page
    Darren Page
    10 months ago

    Absolutely amazing experience, if you have never been on a jet ski before, my son was smiling from ear to ear... staff are friendly and tell you what is expected when your on the jet ski, how to use it and what not to do.... Thank you extreme jet ski made our holiday

  • Daniel Rece
    Daniel Rece
    2 weeks ago

    Extreme Jet Skis Tenerife offers fast jet skis, but the overall experience was less than ideal. The staff had a 'take it or leave it, we know you aren't coming back' attitude, which was disappointing. The advertised full hour of jet skiing was actually more like 35 minutes. They take you out on a boat to the jetskis, which cuts into the jet skiing time. Additionally, a 5-minute break is enforced in the middle of the session, regardless of whether you want it or not. The ride format could also use some improvement. You have to chase a lead boat mostly in a straight line which can be challenging for beginners and boring for more advanced riders. They make you to leave your phones in an unlocked box, on a pier with 20 other boats and people coming and going, which left us anxious about whether our phones would still be there upon our return. They could keep phones on the lead boat, but they just don't want to. [Someone took their phone on the jet ski and they confiscated it during the ride and kept it on the lead boat in a box after saying 'if we lose it it's your fault']. In conclusion, while the speed of the jetskis was enjoyable, the overall experience could be much improved.

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