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  • €24/person
  • 6 horses
  • 2 hours


Horseback riding Tenerife

Discover the beauty of Horse riding in Tenerife! Our 2-hour trip to the beach is ideal for adventurers of all levels, including beginners and children from 6 years old. With all necessary equipment, including tok, we make it Horse riding in Tenerife unforgettable. Explore Tenerife in a unique way, on horseback through beautiful nature with breathtaking views. Enjoy the ride along the surf on the back of your majestic companion. Start your adventure with Horseback riding Tenerife!

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Pay only an advance

For this excursion, you pay only an advance of €24/person you pay the remaining amount at the start of the trip.

Discover the Freedom of Riding in Tenerife 

Whether you are already a seasoned rider or getting on a horse for the first time, Horse riding in Tenerife offers an unforgettable experience specially designed to explore Tenerife's beautiful nature.

2-hour trip to the beach

Dive deeper into beautiful Tenerife with our most popular 2-hour horse-riding excursion. As you drive towards the waterline, you'll traverse picturesque banana plantations and enjoy the lush nature the island has to offer. This leisurely drive along Tenerife's natural beauties is a taste of what awaits you at the beach.

Starting point: Our Atmospheric Riding School

Start your adventure at our cosy Riding stables in Tenerife. Here you will meet not only experienced and friendly horses, but also passionate guides who will make your trip unforgettable. Our equestrian centre is not just a starting point; it is a gateway to discovering Tenerife's natural beauty.

Make Your Ride Personal: Private Outing

Give your Tenerife horseback riding a personal touch by opting for a private getaway. Ideal for couples looking for an intimate adventure. Explore the Tenerife area in a unique and personal way, create memories and share special moments with your partner.

Rescue Mission: A Second Life for Horses

A special feature of our excursions is that our horses in Tenerife rescue horses are. We give them a second chance at a good life by surrounding them with love and care. By participating in our horseback riding trips you contribute to the cost of maintaining these special animals.

Suitable for All Ages: Freedom of Horse Riding in Tenerife

Feel the wind through your hair and the power of your majestic companions beneath you as you enjoy the freedom of Horse riding in Tenerife. Our excursions are designed for all ages, including children as young as 6, regardless of your experience level.

Comfort and safety first

At Triperife Excursions, your comfort and safety are paramount. We provide you with all the necessary equipment, including a tok, and English saddles, so you can enjoy your unique horseback riding adventure in Tenerife

Book your horse-riding excursion today

Discover the true beauty of Tenerife in an easy and unique way! Book your Horse-riding adventure in Tenerife at Triperife Excursions and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Tenerife's breathtaking landscapes.

  • Optional transport can be booked for €20 per stop (there and back)
  • Children can participate in this horse riding activity

Closed-toe shoes are necessary

Don't forget sunscreen and long trousers are recommended.

Need help or have questions?

Our customer service team is at your service 7 days a week, and we speak English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French. You can reach us for all your questions from 08h30 to 22h30.
Cancellation policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours before the trip

Frequently asked questions about horse riding in Tenerife

We offer a 2-hour ride along banana plantations and nature towards the beach in Tenerife.

No, our horseback riding excursions in Tenerife are suitable for riders of all levels, including beginners.

Waiting at the Riding School is not possible, They can walk along with the horses.

Horse riding tenerife on the beach offers a unique experience where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and views while riding a horse through the surf 

We recommend booking your horse riding excursion as early as possible to ensure availability, especially during busy seasons.

You can cancel your horse riding excursion at any time, with the right to a full refund, provided you do so at least 24 hours before the excursion starts. We understand that plans can change, and we want you to be flexible when booking your adventure.

Optionally, you can book additional transport for a surcharge of €20 (round trip) for the southern part of Tenerife. Alternatively, you can come to the venue with your own (rental) car, where we offer free parking.

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Horse riding tenerife

  • 2-hour Trip

    2 hours of horse riding towards the beach.

    € 79.00
  • Private 1-2 persons

    Private ride of 2 hours for 1 to 2 persons

    € 250.00
  • Private 3-4 people

    Private ride of 2 hours for 3 to 4 persons

    € 350.00
  • Private 5-6 people

    Private 2-hour ride for 5 to 6 people

    € 400.00


Google Reviews

269 reviews
  • Jason Hartley
    Jason Hartley
    a month ago

    Wow! What a great way to spend an afternoon! My boys and I we're staying at the campground nearby and coordinated to walk over and take a tour. Our hosts were so friendly and helpful. The cost was a great value. I was surprised that it was much longer than I expected for the price. Moreover, they gave us amazing pictures. On the phone for no extra cost, not in a cheesy frame for a hundred extra as we all expect nowadays. Great experience and value, and it was definitely my boy's' favourite Tenerife activity.

  • Anna
    7 months ago

    We booked the sunset ride and had an amazing walk along the beach with a group of 6 riders with different experience levels. The owners match you to a horse based on your experience. (It is important to be really honest about your experience to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone). I did horseback riding for 5 years but that's more than 10 years ago, so I did not gallop). You first brush the horses to create a bond and get a feeling for each other and then you do a few rounds inside the premises. After that you go to the beach and have an amazing view and many pictures and videos are taken. You can also take your own photos if you really care a lot about Instagram/ high quality pictures but be sure that you can close your pockets because you might loose your phone/sunglasses. If you are experienced you have the chance to do a bit of gallop on the beach but you really need to be able to control the horse! I think it's good that the less experienced riders only go slow because it would be too dangerous otherwise. My boyfriend who has never sat on a horse before also really enjoyed it and the owners were very reassuring and not pretentious at all (as some horse people can be). It is obvious how much they love the horses and they are very passionate and friendly. They are very laid back and approachable and they are not making a big deal if you accidentally arrive a bit late due to the traffic. They provide helmets so all you need are adequate shoes (e.g. hiking shoes/ trainers), short or long pants and perhaps a jacket depending on the time of the year because it can get a bit chilly after sunset. All horses are rescue horses so it's a good idea to go here and support them. :) The owners speak English, Spanish and Dutch.

  • Thomas van Dooren
    Thomas van Dooren
    5 months ago

    We had a very pleasant afternoon at Finca La Bonita. Nice to feel the passion of the team and the love they give to the rescued horses. We received a clear explanation at the start of the trip to the beach. I recommend this activity to everyone. It is a wonderful experience where you feel the love of these beautiful horses.

  • Antonina Bondar
    Antonina Bondar
    8 months ago

    What an incredible experience! My husband, who is a novice rider, thoroughly enjoyed himself. As an experienced rider, I was ecstatic, especially riding a half Spanish, half Arabic stallion. The business owners were exceptionally supportive, kind, and showed great care for the animals, which was truly heartwarming. The owner's passion for horses was evident, having been a professional horse shoe maker since his teenage years. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience in every aspect. Take a look at the pictures.

  • Teila Russell
    Teila Russell
    7 months ago

    Myself and my partner visited the stables and enjoyed a lovely 2 hour ride along the beach. It was absolutely beautiful, the horses have such character and so well loved and looked after. Walter and Caty were both amazing and let us enjoy the whole experience whilst taking a brilliant amount of pictures and videos of us riding. The scenery is breath taking and the horses are amazing to ride. The price (€55pp) I almost felt bad for not paying more as the amount of work and love that is poured into the horses care by Walter and Caty, they deserve so much more and all the money goes towards taking care of the horses. I really hope to return again in the future it was such an experience to tell everyone about and bring home some amazing memories.

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