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  • €15/person
  • 100
  • 2 - 3 hours

Book your Ragnarok Viking Tenerife

Want to book the Ragnarok Viking Tenerife? Then book with Triperife Excursion, the official partner for this amazing adventure. With Triperife Excursion, you are guaranteed the best prices and excellent service.

Board the Epic Ragnarok Boat: A Viking Adventure on Tenerife

Are you looking for a unique and immersive experience during your stay in the enchanting Canary Islands? Look no further! We are proud to offer the only Viking-themed boat trip on this beautiful archipelago. Board the imposing Ragnarok viking boat and prepare for an unforgettable adventure that takes you back to the era of the Vikings.

A trip back in time on the Viking boat in Tenerife

Imagine the salty sea breeze in your hair, the sound of the waves against the ship and the excitement of exploring the ocean on an authentically recreated Viking boat. The Ragnarok Boat is not just another excursion; it is a journey through history, with the Viking crew taking you back to the days of explorations and legendary adventures.

Viking crew: Entertainment and Education in one

On board the Ragnarok Boat, you will be greeted by a passionate and knowledgeable Viking crew. These talented entertainers are dressed in traditional Viking costumes and will entertain you with exciting stories, ancient legends and even interactive activities. It's a chance to learn more about the rich history of the Vikings while immersing yourself in the atmosphere of days gone by.

Enjoy Comfort and Amenities

Your comfort is our priority. The Ragnarok Boat offers seating for around 100 people, so you can relax and enjoy the view in comfort. We want you to feel at home, which is why we have provided a bar, restaurant, shop and toilets on board, so you can concentrate on enjoying your adventure.

Book Your Place on the Ragnarok viking boat!

Don't miss this chance to take part in an epic Viking adventure in the Canary Islands. Book your place on board the Ragnarok viking boat today and get ready to relive history, be enchanted by sea creatures and admire the beauty of the island from a new perspective. Your unforgettable journey awaits you!

Included with on the Ragnarok Viking Boat

  • 2 or 3-hour boat trip
  • Departure from Los Christianos
  • Viking theme and crew
  • Bar and restaurant with extensive menu
  • Entertainment for children
  • Larger boat with 100 passengers

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Are you looking for a Private boat trip in Tenerife?

Pay only a deposit.

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You pay the remaining balance at the start of the excursion
The deposit for the Ragnarok Viking boat in Tenerife is €15/Person



2-hour boat trip on viking boat in Tenerife

  • 2-hour trip 4 - 11 years

    2-hour boat trip kids

    € 15.00
  • 2-hour trip +11 years

    2-hour boat trip adult

    € 25.00

3-hour cruise on viking boat in Tenerife

  • 3-hour trip 4 - 11 years

    3-hour boat trip kids

    € 25.00
  • 3-hour trip +11 years

    3-hour boat trip adult

    € 44.00



Google Reviews

456 reviews
  • Stephanie Ratcliffe
    Stephanie Ratcliffe
    4 months ago

    We were originally put off this excursion by another vendor who mentioned high occurrence of seasickness, overbooking and an uncomfortable ship (obviously pushing his own tour), Well this tour was absolutely amazing, we booked direct, the ship was fabulous, roomy and all the seating was real wood and so nice. My mum (82) and aunt (78) both with mobility problems were looked after and managed well. We did the 2 hr tour without diving due to mobility, the guides were hugely knowledgeable about all the different types of whales we were looking for, the sounds of the viking music made the trip so exciting, accompanied by face painting for those who wanted. We didnt eat on board so no idea of the food but drinks were €2 with water free. I'd definitely go back again!

  • Rebecca Winnard
    Rebecca Winnard
    2 months ago

    Absolutely amazing experience, hands down the best thing we've done this week. 3 hour cruise with a 5 year old and a 1 year old. We saw dolphins and pilot whales, had the chance to swim in the sea (though we didn't take the littlest one in lol), saw a viking fight and got viking face paint. First class trip, and all the staff were fantastic.

  • Kimberly van Kuijk
    Kimberly van Kuijk
    9 months ago

    Very nice tour! You walk aboard the beautiful ship of Ragnarok where the vikings welcome you! They give personal twists and jokes to the people that are with them on the boat making the entertainment and acting very nice. The music on the ship gives a nice Viking atmosphere. They took us to see whales which was very nice to see! The food on the ship is also nice and overall the experience was worth my time! I recommend Ragnarok for both adults and children! We were 2 adults and had a great time!

    7 months ago

    Love the boat Excursion, though I had wished for the show to be a bit longer or battling throughout the boat. The staff was super friendly and absolutely worth every euro spent. So far, the highlight of our Holiday trip. We found several pods of pilot whales, and the onboard food was delicious, cooked on a grill in front of you. (Food was extra €) drinks were included. ( house wines and beer, soda pops)

  • Dorota Glassock
    Dorota Glassock
    a year ago

    We had absolutely the best time on Ragnarok boat. From the beginning to finish all staff were amazing. Children loved all games and lots of attention given by staff. Few days has gone but my kids still talk about it and how much fun they had. Food was delicious and reasonable priced. All inclusive drinks were good, too. Both vikings were great fun and put on fantastic show. We were lucky to see whales too. I would definitely recommend this boat trip to anyone, friends, couples or families.

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