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  • €20.00/person
  • 49 Persons
  • 7-9 hours

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Starry Nights on Majestic Teide Volcano: Teide By Night in Tenerife

Experience the magic of Teide By Night Tenerife, a breathtaking excursion that invites you to discover the enchanting starry sky on the majestic Teide volcano. This unique opportunity lets you explore the grandeur of Tenerife's Teide volcano under the clear, starry night canopy. With an expert guide well-versed in astronomy and the volcano's history, you're in for an unforgettable journey to Teide's summit.

Teide By Night Tenerife - Stargazing at its Finest

The adventure begins as the sun sets, and you are transported to Teide by bus. Along the way, witness the sky's captivating transformation as the sun gracefully vanishes behind the horizon. As the sun dips, savor a delightful glass of cava while taking in the breathtaking views. Upon reaching Teide National Park, embark on a hike through beautiful landscapes and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring starry vistas.

Cherish the Sunset on Teide: Teide By Night's Breathtaking Sunset

At an elevation of over 3,700 meters above sea level, Teide offers panoramic views of the island. The stargazing experience takes place at 2250 meter in the Teide National Park. You'll be provided with a telescope to gaze at the stars, while the expert guide regales you with the legends and myths surrounding the volcano. Explore constellations and marvel at the Milky Way, forging a deep connection with the cosmos.

Tenerife Stargazing: Embrace the Stunning Starry Sky on a Teide By Night Tour

This excursion caters to both beginners and experienced stargazers, offering an evening filled with enchantment and wonder that will remain etched in your memory. Triperife Excursions ensures your safety and comfort throughout the experience, which also includes dinner at a local restaurant, where you can relish the flavors of local cuisine.

Teide Starry Night: Explore the legends and myths surrounding the Teide volcano and admire the Milky Way on this special excursion.

In short, if you are looking for a unique experience on Tenerife, Teide By Night Tenerife is definitely for you. Book your excursion now with Triperife Excursions and be enchanted by the beautiful starry sky above the Teide volcano.

A fantastic place to celebrate those special moments, birthdays, anniversaries or your holidays in Tenerife, join our Teide by Night Tenerife team and experience a unique and unforgettable tour that will be talked about for a long time.

This Teide by Night Tenerife excursion on the volcano El Teide is available in Dutch, English, German, French & Spanish.

Included with Teide By Night Tenerife

    • Pickup near your hotel

    • Group only in your chosen language

    • Includes cava at sunset

    • 3-course dinner with Canarian meal

    • Professional astronomer

    • Telescopes

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The deposit for Teide By Night is €20.00/person

Frequently asked questions Teide By Night

Teide By Night Tenerife is a breathtaking excursion that takes you to the summit of Tenerife's Teide volcano at night. It is a unique opportunity to admire the clear starry sky above this majestic volcano. Our expert guides will take you on an unforgettable journey full of astronomy and volcanic history.
The excursion starts in the afternoon around 3pm, taking you to the Teide in a comfortable bus. During the ride, you can enjoy the changing colours of the sky as the sun disappears behind the horizon. A delicious glass of cava will be served at sunset, and then you will hike through the beautiful landscapes of the Teide National Park while admiring the breathtaking starry sky.

Tenerife is an excellent place for stargazing because of several favourable conditions. The island has minimal light pollution. The high altitude of the Teide volcano, located more than 3,700 metres above sea level, brings visitors above many atmospheric disturbances and allows for sharper star observations. Tenerife's mild climate and geographical location provide good conditions for stargazing all year round. Moreover, Tenerife hosts some of the world's most advanced astronomical observatories, making the infrastructure and expertise available for high-quality stargazing experiences. These factors make Tenerife a great place to admire the cosmos, although it does not have an official ranking as the third best place in the world. During the stargazing excursion in Tenerife, we do not go up the cable car and stay at an altitude of 2,500 metres in the national park.

It is recommended to bring warm clothing, as temperatures at high altitude can drop at night. Comfortable walking shoes are also useful.
The Teide By Night Tenerife excursion is available in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.
Stargazing on the Teide with Teide By Night is a highly sought-after excursion, but availability is limited. To take part in this unique experience, we strongly recommend booking in advance. When making your reservation, only a deposit is required. The remaining amount must be paid on the bus at the start of the Teide By Night excursion.
At Triperife Excursions, we understand that plans can change. You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 24 hours before the tour starts and receive a full refund. We strive to be flexible and make your travel experience as stress-free as possible.



Teide By Night Tenerife

  • English +11 years

    Trip in english with 3-course dinner

    € 79.00
  • English kids -12 years

    English - 12 years with 3 Course dinner

    € 49.00
  • Dutch +11 years

    Trip in Dutch with 3-course dinner

    € 79.00
  • Dutch kids -11 years

    Kids -11 years Trip in Dutch with 3-course dinner

    € 49.00
  • French +11 years

    Trip in french with 3-course dinner

    € 79.00
  • French kids -11 years

    kids -11 years French trip with 3-course dinner

    € 49.00
  • German +11 years

    German-speaking trip +11 years with 3-course dinner

    € 79.00
  • German kids -11 years

    kids- 11 years German trip with 3-course dinner

    € 49.00



Google Reviews

309 reviews
  • Mark Pearson
    Mark Pearson
    2 months ago

    Fantastic day/ night out! Everything start to finish was top notch, lovy coach driver and guide, nice food and free wine! Stargazing was amazing, just a little advice, take warm clothes hat and gloves as freezing! Brilliant day out real value for money, our guide Isabel was such fun and very engaging and entertaining, ask for her bus! Don't miss it!

  • Tony Coops67
    Tony Coops67
    3 months ago

    Teide by night was well worth while. Isabelle (our guide) is amazing. Her knowledge of Teide national park and of Monte Teide itself is staggering. As for the stars in the sky (after dark and with no light pollution there were thousands visible) she has immense knowledge. The stars were breathtaking... The food was great too, 3 course with complimentary wine and beer. All in it was a great day and money well spent. Thanks Isabelle and Xavi 🏼🏼

  • Anthony Bisset
    Anthony Bisset
    a month ago

    We were picked up from our hotel in a new air-conditioned coach and escorted by a local guide called Amanda whose knowledge of the island was fantastic. With a first stop at a town called Vilaflor for a refreshment break and to try local flavours, we then carried on through the pine forests on roads with LOTS of sharp bends, cudos to the driver. Once out of the forest we moved to the national park and into the volcano crater, with stops at view points and photo opportunities. After taking loads of photos we carried on to a restaurant where we given a 3 course meal with drinks, very tasty. After the meal we were driven to a parking spot where we would watch the sunset while sipping on a local Cava. Unfortunately due to the Calima (saharan dust conditions) the sunset was a bit hazy but still worth seeing. Back onto the bus and back to the restaurant where were supplied hot chocolate or more Cava, then to another location where the company had 4 telescopes set up and while Amanda gave us a great description of the night sky her colleague focused in on Jupiter with its moons, Orion, another nebula and finally our own moon. After all this it was back to the hotel, a superb 8 hours, definitely a highlight of our holiday. Photos do not do justice to the scenery and experience.

  • W Hill
    W Hill
    a week ago

    Fantastic trip. Better than I expected. We had a really good guide who was very friendly and knowledgeable. ( Dutch language, guide called Dominique ) The bus journey up is quite long but you go up in stages with lots of breaks. So you are never in the bus for very long. Plenty of food and drink opportunities along the way as well. The planning of the trip was excellent in this way. You never stop too long or too short. The trip leading up to sunset is very informative and the views amazing. The guide explains so much during this trip while you just enjoy the scenery. Good food was served around dinner time. I think that probably even the most picky eaters would love the food that was on offer. Did I mention the free beers? We witnessed the sunset from above the clouds while having a glass of Cava. It doesn't get more romantic I think :) Top tip, set your camera on time lapse when you film the sunset. It gives a nice effect. Stargazing after that. I don't think I've ever seen the stars so clearly with the naked eye as I have yesterday. Dominique explained exactly what we were looking at. I can now locate the North Star! Handy for if I get lost one day. This was also my first time watching the stars through a telescope. Watching stars 200 million light years away is still something I'm starting to get my head around. I will try with a glass of Prosecco later.

  • Sparkey P
    Sparkey P
    5 months ago

    Fantastic trip, Isobel, our guide, imparted fascinating information about the island, her enthusiasm was infectious and she was quick to build great rapport with the group, our coach driver, Oswaldo, navigated the mountain roads with great skill. Watching the sunset was such a beautiful moment, with glasses of fizz and mulled wine being refilled numerous times. The star gazing was fascinating, Isobel navigated us through the nights sky we finished the evening viewing constellations through telescopes. Only criticism was the evening meal wasn't great but they did keep drinks flowing. Ensure your take warm clothes as it goes very cold start gazing.

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