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  • €20/person
  • 10 Persons
  • 3 hours

Mola Mola sailboat in Tenerife

An island full of activities, Tenerife is especially popular with tourists who love the sea and its beautiful beaches. It offers numerous water activities that are sure to suit your preferences, whether you are looking for adventure or a quiet day with family and friends. The south of the island, where you will find the Puerto Colon port, is one of the most popular areas for tourists who want to enjoy a day out on the water.

Whale watching sailboat Costa Adeje

If you are looking for the perfect way to enjoy the coast of Tenerife, the Mola Mola sailboat is the perfect choice. This cosy boat has a capacity of 10 people and is crewed by an experienced and friendly crew. On the Mola Mola, you can relax on the deck, enjoying a drink and a snack, while overlooking Tenerife's beautiful coastline. The crew will be happy to tell you all about the local wildlife and history of the island.

Puerto Colón sailboat

One of the advantages of the Mola Mola's small scale is that you get individual attention and have more space than you would on a fuller, larger boat. This makes it a more comfortable and intimate experience. And if you are looking for adventure, the Mola Mola has that to offer too. During the trip, you have the chance to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. The daily trip departs from Puerto Colón harbour and goes to the whale area between Tenerife and the island of La Gomera.

Tenerife sailing trip

On the way back, the Mola Mola sails along the coast and the crew will drop anchor in Puertito, a beautiful bay and one of the most visited diving spots in Tenerife. Here you will have the opportunity to snorkel and maybe even spot turtles with the free snorkelling kit offered on board. In short, the Mola Mola has everything you are looking for in a Tenerife boat trip.

Book your trip on the Mola Mola now and find out for yourself why it is one of the most appreciated excursions in Tenerife. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or just want to enjoy the view, this boat will not disappoint. Complete your Tenerife holiday with an unforgettable experience on the Mola Mola sailboat.

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Google Reviews

85 reviews
  • Jackson Li
    Jackson Li
    5 years ago

    Great trip... Saw the promised dolphins and whales from up close.... Skipper was friendly and very skilled.... Boat was clean and comfortable. Didn't know that the trip included a part where you could snorkel for a while, so I didn't prepare swim wear, but it was very nice nonetheless.

  • Julie Lane
    Julie Lane
    4 years ago

    Weird vibes and bad snorkelling. They didn't put the sails up, we just motored along. We wanted to snorkel as the office told us there would be nice fish with striking black rock. When we got to the snorkelling spot they only had one snorkel and chummed the water to cause the fish to swarm around us. So not what we were looking for. However, they did find pilot whales for us and they played with our boat! They had tapas and cold drinks too. My girlfriend and I signed up for this trip and the captain and the guys working in the office were way too interested in us.... Did not feel professional. They have pictures of hot girls on the boat on the walls in the office and the captain asked to take multiple pictures with us too. One of the office guys even pinched my friends cheek. It had really weird vibes. We told the office they didn't have enough snorkelling equipment and multiple people were like "oh, well you never know what's going to be on the boat, that's why it's good to bring your own equipment." I said "uh, we don't have equipment, that's why we booked through you guys..." and the guy just walked away without saying anything and eventually brought back more snorkels I guess to take out for the next trip. Very weird. The guy who sold us the trip promised a bottle of cava for us on the boat and there was none, so that kinda sucked too.

  • Crystal Cheung
    Crystal Cheung
    8 months ago

    Very good experience with Mola Mola, we got very lucky to get on board with just the two of us, captain was helpful and friendly, will definitely recommend :)

  • Reine Hage
    Reine Hage
    3 years ago

    We had a great time! Our skipper Moi was super friendly and attentive we were never short of a drink. There were mattresses to sunbathe on the front of the deck and we saw plenty of pilot whales and dolphins. We didn't use the sail which is fine by us and we even got to drive the boat for a bit. Highly recommend.

  • Eveline
    4 years ago

    On the 29th of July I had a yatch trip with MolaMola Puerto Colon and handsome and charismatic captain Alex :) I bought the ticket on the site of the company and got the e-mail with booking details. Service for buying electronic tickets is really user friendly. Than I came to the place and we departured in time. There were about 8 guests on board. All passengers were surrounded by Alex's attention and concern. During this yatch trip I was lucky to see dolphins and small whales and enjoy beautiful views of the ocean and mountains. My experience with MolaMola was good and I recommend it. Special thanks to Alex for his positive energy! **************** Выходила в океан 29 июля на яхте с харизматичным капитаном Алексом. Билет купила на сайте компании. Интерфейс для покупки билетов удобный. Отправились вовремя. Капитан никого не оставлял без внимания, все было под контролем. Управление яхтой на высшем уровне. Большие киты попрятались, но повезло увидеть дельфинов и маленьких китов, это было очень приятно. Были предложены напитки и снеки, хотя океаническая качка, на мой взгляд, делает употребление напитков и еды не очень удобным. Мне все понравилось. Капитану отдельная благодарность за заряд энергии и положительных эмоций.

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