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Board the Maxicat boat and discover the incredible beauty of the Atlantic Ocean during your Tenerife holiday. With the Barco Azul licence issued by the Canarian government to visit dolphins and whales, you get the chance to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. Choose from the standard 3-hour trip or the 5-hour trip to Masca Bay in Los Gigantes.

The Maxicat is a large catamaran with enough space for many passengers. On board, you will find spacious seating and a shaded area where you can relax and enjoy the view. Modern facilities such as toilets and showers are also available to make you feel comfortable during the trip.

The 3-hour trip offers an unforgettable experience on the Atlantic Ocean. During the trip, you will encounter several dolphins and whales and the experienced crew will stop at different spots to spot these fascinating animals. You can also enjoy Tenerife's beautiful coastline while enjoying the sun and sea. Drinks and snacks are included, so you don't need to bring anything with you and can fully concentrate on the trip.

For a longer adventure, opt for the 5-hour trip to Masca Bay in Los Gigantes. This is one of Tenerife's most impressive landscapes. Masca Bay is a hidden gem of Tenerife and can only be reached by boat. Its stunning cliffs, turquoise waters and white sand make it one of the most beautiful places on the island. During the trip, you can enjoy the stunning views and take a refreshing dip in the clear waters of Masca Bay.

The Maxicat offers free pick-ups from your hotel in South Tenerife. It is the perfect way to relax and enjoy a day full of adventure and beauty on the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Book your tickets with us now and have an unforgettable experience during your Tenerife holiday!



  • 3 hours +12 years
    € 40.00
  • 3 hours 5-11 years
    € 20.00
  • 3 hours 0-5 years
  • 5 hours +12 years
    € 50.00
  • 5 hours 5-11 years
    € 25.00
  • 5 hours 0-5 years


Google Reviews

400 reviews
  • Gary Duffield
    Gary Duffield
    a month ago

    The staff were brilliant 🤩, we had loads of space on the boat and got to see both whales 🐳 & dolphins 🐬 enjoyed 12 sangrias between us and the had food too! We paid €80 euros for 3 hours but well worth every penny!!! Do it if you can while you are here!!!

  • Olga Mazaieva
    Olga Mazaieva
    a month ago

    Нad an amazing day with the Maxikat team. I really liked the organisation of leisure time. We were lucky enough to see whales and dolphins. The team worked very well during the entire trip. Swimming in the ocean and lunch were organised. Thank you for the wonderful emotions.

  • Samanta Selegovica
    Samanta Selegovica
    2 weeks ago

    Our experience started off terribly as the man at the gate, in charge of checking people's tickets would not let us on the boat claiming we had no booking, after showing him our booking confirmation he proceeded in a very rude and unhelpful manner to tell us that there's nothing he can do for us and that he simply does not care about what we are telling him, his horrible attitude and impoliteness made us not want to participate in this activity. Thankfully our situation was resolved when we called the main office. On the actual catamaran the staff were extremely helpful, polite and informative. We did find the catamaran to be a bit overcrowded and definitely not a good option for people who get motion sickness. In my opinion there are other companies providing the same service that would be more worth while booking with.

  • James
    a month ago

    If possible, check what the sea conditions are like as this boat is not suitable if conditions are not really calm, which is hard in the Atlantic. We went in the middle of August and at least 50% of the boat were huddled over sick bags vomiting or trying to concentrate on not vomiting even more. Made for a pretty glum, bleak atmosphere and overall experience, couldn't wait to get back on dry land. This is coming from someone who usually has a stomach of steel! Boat very packed too, so before the vomiting kicked in, almost impossible to navigate around the vessel to the bar or toilet.

  • David
    a year ago

    A simple on line booking system (€25 pp cheaper than resort ticket seller) that included free transport from Callao Salvaje. Mini bus arrived on time and provided a comfortable quick transfer to the embarkation point at Puorto Colon. We boarded the catamaran and queued for an obligatory photo €5 to be delivered on return by photographer rejoining catamaran at sea. The staff were pleasant and enthusiastic and provided information in Spanish and English. As we progressed we saw several dolphins and then at very close proximity a pod of sleeping pilot whales. Then on to Los Gigantes for a 10-15 minute swim. Then back to port. On the way we saw groups of flying fish. Overall a pleasant whale watching experience.

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