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Our personal selection of best boat excursions in Tenerife

Recommended boat trips in Tenerife

Experience Ocean Splendour: Boat trips in Tenerife for Dolphins and Whales

A treasure in the Canary Islands, Tenerife offers travellers the chance to admire majestic dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Known for its abundant marine life, this enchanting island destination invites you on exciting Tenerife boat trips to meet these wondrous sea dwellers.

These breathtaking adventures usually depart from the port of Puerto Colón, located on Tenerife's southern coast. Its convenient location on the open ocean makes it the perfect departure point for experiencing unforgettable encounters with dolphins and whales. Whether you are travelling with family, friends, or as a couple, a boat trip in Tenerife for dolphins and whales is an experience not to be missed.

To help you choose the ideal boat excursion, we have compiled a list based on popularity, our own experiences and feedback from our valued customers. Our selection exclusively includes trips of about 3 hours, giving you enough time to admire marine life while planning your day on the island.

So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax and be enchanted by the fascinating world of dolphins and whales during your stay in Tenerife. Check out our recommended boat trips and prepare for a sea adventure you will cherish for a long time to come. Book your boat trip in Tenerife for dolphins and whales now and make memories that will last a lifetime on this beautiful island in the Canary archipelago

Number 1

Dolphin and whale Opera 60


Opera 60 in Tenerife: An exciting boat excursion with all the luxury and comfort you are looking for, to explore Tenerife's beautiful coastline and marine life.


Number 2

Vulcano ocean Dolphin and Whale


Vulcano Ocean boat in Tenerife : Discover Tenerife from the sea, an adventurous journey full of breathtaking views and marine life. Not to be missed!


Number 3

Skyline 1 Sailboat


"Skyline 1 sailboat in Tenerife: Discover Tenerife's splendour from the deck, an unforgettable sailing experience with spectacular views and spot marine life in their natural habitat.


Number 4

White paradise boat Tenerife


White Paradise Catamaran in Tenerife: The ultimate way to admire, relax and enjoy Tenerife's coastline


Number 5

Skyline cruiser Tenerife


Board the Skyline Cruiser boat in Yenerife and enjoy a day of relaxation and great views


Number 6

Atlanca boat self drive


Boat hire without a licence in Tenerife: Perfect for relaxing and exploring the coast.To hire by the hour


During boat trips in Tenerife, you can encounter common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales, pilot whales, and even orcas. But turtles and flying fish can also be spotted.

Most boat trips for dolphin and whale spotting in Tenerife last about 3 hours, providing enough time for a memorable experience. 

It is highly recommended to book in advance, especially during high season, to avoid disappointment and be sure of a seat on board.

Absolutely! Boat trips are ideal for families and equipped with life jackets for children. The Vulcano Ocean is particularly child-friendly. Most boats in Tenerife offer child discounts up to a certain age

The safety of passengers is paramount. If the weather is too bad and conditions are unsafe, boat trips may be cancelled or postponed. We will inform you in good time and usually offer alternative dates or a full refund. Safety always comes first.

Discover Incredible Sea Life: Boat Trips for Dolphin and Whale Watching in Tenerife

Tenerife, the stunning Canary Island, is home to a breathtaking opportunity to meet marine life: boat trips for dolphin and whale watching. At Triperife Excursions, the expert in boat trips in Tenerife, these experiences take centre stage.

Our boat tours in Tenerife for dolphin and whale watching take you to the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where you will come face to face with some of the world's most fascinating marine animals. These excursions are a celebration of the majestic beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.

What sets Triperife Excursions apart is our commitment to delivering the most memorable experiences. We offer only Barco Azul boats, officially recognised by the government for dolphin and whale watching in Tenerife. By doing so, we guarantee the highest standards of safety, professionalism and environmental awareness. Our well-trained crew will ensure you have a respectful and informative encounter with the dolphins and whales.

At Triperife Excursions, we understand that every traveller is unique, which is why we offer a range of boat trips in Tenerife, tailored for different travel preferences. Whether you opt for a larger boat trip with a friendly atmosphere and fellow travellers, or a more intimate experience on a smaller boat, the choice is yours. We welcome individual travellers, couples, families and groups to discover the wonders of the ocean.

We are not only focused on entertainment, but also on education. Our crew is happy to share their in-depth knowledge about dolphins, whales and Tenerife's marine ecosystem, helping you develop a deeper understanding of the importance of marine conservation.

So, if you are looking for an unforgettable boat trip in Tenerife to spot dolphins and whales, choose Triperife Excursions. Leave the worries of the mainland behind and be taken on a journey full of natural beauty, adventure and respect for the ocean. Book your adventure boat trip in Tenerife today and get ready to meet the enchanting inhabitants of the deep sea. It's an experience that will stay with you forever and give you a deeper understanding of the ocean's richness. Triperife Excursions is ready to make your dream trip a reality.

At Triperife Excursions, you are assured of a reliable choice for booking your boat trips in Tenerife. Our distinctive reputation is backed by only 5-star reviews spread across reputable platforms such as TripadvisorGoogle and Facebook. These excellent reviews are tangible evidence of our commitment to delivering the highest quality service to our valued customers


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