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Discover Siam Park at night: An unforgettable experience at Siam Nights

Siam Nights is the place where adrenaline meets relaxation. Live this unique experience at the world-famous Siam Park in Tenerife. During Siam Nights, enjoy the best DJs spinning the perfect music to make your night unforgettable. Dance the night away while enjoying the thrill of the attractions with illuminated neon inflatables.

Siam Nights only takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It's an exclusive experience you won't want to miss. Secure yourself a seat and book your tickets for Siam Nights now.

Triperife Excursions offers tickets for Siam Nights. We recommend booking your tickets in advance as capacity is limited. Don't miss this chance to experience the best of Siam Park during the enchanting nighttime hours.

Explore Siam Park at night

Enjoy an evening of excitement and fun at Siam Nights. The magic begins as soon as the sun sets and the park transforms into a lively and vibrant party venue. Get carried away by the rhythmic beats of the talented DJs who fill the dance floor with energy and enthusiasm.

Siam Park DJ Tenerife

While you dance and enjoy the music, you will also experience the thrill of Siam Park's breathtaking attractions. Feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you try out exhilarating slides and water rides. And with the addition of neon inflatables that light up in the dark, the whole experience becomes even more magical.

Dive into the adventure of the Tower of Power, a spectacular slide that takes you on a 28-metre vertical freefall. Experience intense speed as you whiz through a glass tube and end in a big splash. This attraction is an absolute must for adrenaline junkies.

Then head to the Dragon, an impressive rollercoaster that takes you through sharp turns and fast descents. Feel the wind in your face as you whiz through the dragon-like structures and enjoy the sensational feeling of weightlessness.

Another top attraction is the Wave Palace, a giant wave pool where you can swim and play in the high waves. Feel the excitement as the waves build up and take you on a ride full of fun and adventure.

Also don't miss the Jungle Snakes, a multi-lane slide complex where you slide down at high speed. Whiz through the curves and feel the adrenaline rush as you make your way through this exciting course.

And when you want to relax and unwind, there are quiet spots where you can kick back and enjoy the atmosphere. Whether on a terrace overlooking the water or in a quiet garden, there is always a place to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a moment of calm.

Don't miss this unique experience and book your tickets for Siam Nights at Triperife Excursions now. Witness the magic of Siam Park in the dark and experience an evening of excitement, fun and unforgettable memories.


  • Adult +12 years
    € 45.00
  • Child 3-11 years
    € 32.00


Google Reviews

58,197 reviews
  • Aranzazu EG
    Aranzazu EG
    3 months ago

    The best way to spend a few hours and a few pounds/euros, it's an amazing aquatic park full of fun. Every time I go, I enjoy like a kid. The weather is always great over there. Sometimes, it can be very busy, better go before or after summer, too many people and too hot. The water is always clean and you can bring your own drinks and food as it can be a bit overpriced. It's definitely a place to repeat. Don't doubt it and go!

  • Clare Dibble
    Clare Dibble
    a month ago

    Siam Park was really beautiful- plenty of secluded areas with lush plants and shady or sunny beach chairs to serve as a base between slides. It was sometimes hard to figure out how to get somewhere specific, but there were always cool things to check out. More of the slides required 2 people than I expected and several could hold up to 4. My teenage daughter did bring a friend, but where the friend did not want to do some of the rides, my daughter was kind of stuck. They were too cool to think fit into the scene in the kid area, which was set up for individual sliding. I attached common restrictions and weight limits so guests can better plan their visits.

  • Caroline Sankey
    Caroline Sankey
    a month ago

    We only waited a short while to enter as they make everyone stop to have compulsory photographs so you're waiting for other families to have the souvenir. Once in it's a huge place you don't see from the outside just how big it is it's almost like the slides are hidden from an outside view. My partner did the large slide. Finally. The queue had sort of gone down. We do think that regardless of the fast pass there should be another queue where as if you haven't been on the ride before you can line up there as it was unfair to let the same people on over and over again whilst the others wait ages. To me this is selfish regardless of the pass. Anyway the day was enjoyable. The snack queue was ridiculous. The one that is located next to the smoking area ; with the seating had 3-4 staff working but only one staff member serving whilst two washed up and the queue was huge so we were unable to purchase anything and had to find an alternative the only one with a relatively small queue was the cake stand so we just got drinks from there. The wave pool is fun but you can get injured if you stand in the wrong area. If you are a thrill seeker this is one for you.

  • Nadina
    a month ago

    Great place for a fun day out!!! Don't like waterslides? Me not much either, but the lazy river and wave pool kept me occupied. Plenty of sun loungers too for a base whilst the rest of the party go hurling themselves through the rides! Food and drink prices were average and not overpriced. Toilets were clean. Spent the whole day here and only half of the park was explored

  • A Mc
    A Mc
    a month ago

    We had so much fun here. There is a great variety of rides and a beautiful beach with amazing wave machine. Only planned staying for a couple of hours but ended up spending the whole day here. Well worth the price of the ticket.

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