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Want to book the Jungle park Tickets? Then book with Triperife Excursion, the official partner for this amazing adventure. With Triperife Excursion, you are assured of the best prices and excellent service.

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Jungle Park Tenerife: A Wonderful Experience for the Whole Family!

Looking for an adventurous day out during your holidays in Tenerife? Then don't miss a visit to Jungle Park Tenerife! Located in the south of Tenerife, in the area of Chayofa (Arona), just a ten-minute drive from Los Cristianos, this park is a true hotspot for biodiversity and fun. 

The Name Says It All: A Real Jungle

The name of the park actually says it all: inside Jungle Park Tenerife you will find an abundance of exotic trees and plants. Entering the Park feels like walking through a natural rainforest. It is a true oasis of green in sunny Tenerife.

An Encounter with Exotic Animals

One of the highlights of Jungle Park Tenerife is the chance to admire exotic animals from all over the world. Think marabou storks, eagles, hawks, ibis, cranes, flamingos, parrots, macaws and other exotic birds. The park is also home to many primates, including orang-utans, gibbons, pygmy monkeys, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys and De Brazza monkeys. But things get even more special when you come face to face with adorable lemurs in their special enclosure.

A Big Cage Full of Happy Parrots

Another unique experience at Jungle Park Tenerife is entering a giant cage where you can meet different species of parrots. These friendly birds will not hesitate to land on your finger to greet you. It is a magical encounter between man and nature.

Breathtaking Shows in Jungle Park

A visit to Jungle Park is not complete without seeing the spectacular shows. The "sea lion show" will amaze you with the incredible skills of these animals. The "bird of prey show" is also a must-see, where the birds display impressive flying skills while experienced trainers guide them.

There are also interesting events such as feeding raccoons and penguins. You will receive a handy free map of the park during your visit, showing the location of all the animals and the times of shows and feeding times. You can also access this information online.

Triperife Excursion - Your Official Partner for Jungle Park Tickets

Want to be sure of a seamless experience at Jungle Park? Then book your tickets with Triperife Excursion, the official partner for this amazing adventure. With Triperife Excursion, you are assured of the best prices and excellent service when purchasing your Jungle Park Tickets.

In short, Jungle Park Tenerife offers an unforgettable day full of adventure, nature and entertainment for the whole family. Don't miss this unique experience and book your tickets now at Triperife Excursion for a great day out in Tenerife!

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Purchased tickets are valid for 90 days from the day of purchase.

Frequently asked questions about Jungle Park Tickets

Jungle Park is a wonderful zoo and adventure park located in the south of Tenerife, offering both adults and children an unforgettable experience. The park is home to a wide range of exotic animals and offers a perfect opportunity to admire their natural beauty up close. There are also exciting shows and activities to keep visitors entertained.
Jungle Park is open from 10:00am to 5:30pm throughout the year
Yes, Jungle Park offers visitors free on-site parking, making it easy to come to the park by car and enjoy a carefree day of adventure.
Jungle Park is home to an impressive variety of animals, including majestic birds of prey, colourful parrots, playful lemurs, charismatic sea lions and many more. The park offers a unique opportunity to admire these magnificent creatures up close and learn more about their habits and habitats.
Yes! Jungle Park offers exciting daily shows, including the "bird of prey show" and the "sea lion show", which are included with your Jungle Park tickets. These shows are not only entertaining, but also educational, as they offer insight into the animals' behaviour and abilities.
We recommend booking your tickets in advance, especially during busy periods, to avoid queues at the park entrance. As an official partner of Jungle Park, we can offer you the best prices and a seamless booking experience, so you can make the most of your visit to this wonderful park.

Yes, Jungle Park offers a convenient free bus service for visitors located in the south of Tenerife. This bus service picks you up at selected pick-up points and takes you to the park, and after your visit it takes you back to the pick-up point. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to travel to Jungle Park and enjoy your day of adventure.

Jungle Park offers convenient pickup points spread across several locations in southern Tenerife, allowing visitors easy access to the free bus service. The exact locations and departure times may vary, so it is advisable to contact Triperife Excursions for detailed information on available pickup points and departure times so that you can best plan your visit to the park.


Jungle Park Tickets

  • Adult +11 years
    € 30.00
  • Child 5-10 years
    € 24.00
  • Toddler 3-4 years
    € 12.00
  • Baby 0-3 years



Google Reviews

8,705 reviews
  • Chisom Ann
    Chisom Ann
    a week ago

    I had one of the best experience here during my visit to Tenerife. The shows at the park were educating just seeing how much animals can be educated to do a lot of things... Also seeing these animals from a closer view was everything. The jungle raid is a must try, it was so exciting. A tip- get the aqua land ticket together with the jungle park ticket it will be cheaper than way. I love everything about this place it's so big, I hope I didn't miss out on anything else. I highly recommend.

  • Liam Richards
    Liam Richards
    2 weeks ago

    Great place for an early morning-afternoon trip, they provide a free bus service which you can check on the tickets, the place is easily accessible by public bus or you can buy parking there too. Lots of animals are cared for in their almost natural habitats, they take very good care of them. When you're in the park there's lots of different animals and an easy map to follow. It wasn't busy and weren't rushed. All the shows begin before 12 so best to get there before then to not miss them because they're spectacular especially the sea lions.

  • S lew
    S lew
    in the last week

    Wow!! We had such a great time there and the my 2 children 12 + 9 loved it. Great jungle themed zoo. Food was good aswell as the 1 litre pint of cerveza...yes 1 litre!! Definitely recommend as so many different animals and birds too look at. The price was good for this and aqualand

  • Claire Wedlake
    Claire Wedlake
    2 months ago

    Had a lovely time. The animals were great lots of different ones. The bird show was excellent and very cool that they were up close to the audience. The sea lion show was good and the food in the restaurant over looking the sea lions was very nice. Not cheap, food drinks etc. The orchids were stunning and smelt great. All the animals looked well cared for.

  • Jure Jesenovec
    Jure Jesenovec
    a month ago

    Our decision to visit Jungle Park on a tranquil day proved to be a wise choice, as we were greeted by a slowed-down rhythm and a much more peaceful environment compared to the other bustling parks on Tenerife. The well-organised and clean surroundings added to the appeal, creating an inviting atmosphere for families. The highlight for our children was undoubtedly the animals, which provided endless excitement. Our day began with the delightful experience of feeding the racoons, followed by a leisurely stroll through the marvelous cactus garden, which was equally enchanting as the orchidarium. Unlike other crowded parks, we had the luxury of time to truly observe and appreciate the beauty around us without feeling rushed. The bird show was the undeniable highlight of our visit and is an absolute must-see. On the northern side of the park, we were treated to a captivating sea lion show, and our children were reluctant to leave the guinea pig feeding cage. Like many others, we couldn't resist participating in numerous photographs with the birds, and we ended up purchasing four pictures. However, I believe there is room for improvement in the pricing structure. Perhaps offering a combined digital and printed version for a set price or providing a bulk discount would be more appealing to visitors. Furthermore, I see an opportunity for growth in the digitalisation of visitor maps. Providing more detailed information or even developing an app to remind visitors of upcoming shows would enhance the overall experience. Despite these minor suggestions, our experience at Jungle Park was thoroughly enjoyable, and we look forward to returning in the future.

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