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Loro Parque in Tenerife is een wereldberoemd dierenpark en botanische tuin. Het park heeft meer dan 13 hectare aan prachtige tuinen en een indrukwekkende collectie dieren, waaronder orka’s, gorilla’s, pinguïns, tijgers en nog veel meer.

Naast de verschillende dierenshows biedt het park ook een botanische tuin met duizenden plantensoorten en tal van restaurants en winkels.

Het park is bekroond als nummer 1 dierenpark ter wereld door Tripadvisor en biedt ook een pendeldienst vanuit het zuiden van Tenerife tegen een extra meerkost.

Loro Parque is de thuisbasis van een van ‘s werelds grootste collecties papegaaien en biedt ook een unieke kans om een bezoek te brengen aan het spectaculaire aquarium. Het aquarium is gevuld met een grote verscheidenheid aan zeedieren en biedt een indrukwekkend zicht op het onderwaterleven. 

Er is ook een beroemde Orka-show, waar bezoekers van dichtbij kunnen zien hoe deze indrukwekkende dieren met hun trainers werken.

Als u Loro Parque wilt bezoeken, kunt u uw tickets boeken bij Triperife excursions. Onze deskundige gidsen helpen u graag bij het plannen van uw dag om het meeste uit uw bezoek te halen en adviseren u over de beste manier om het park te verkennen.

Als u op zoek bent naar nog meer avontuur, biedt Loro Parque ook Twin tickets aan in samenwerking met Siam Park, een ander beroemd attractiepark in Tenerife. Deze Twin tickets geven u toegang tot beide parken en zijn een geweldige manier om het beste van Tenerife te verkennen.



  • Ticket Volwassen +11 jaar
    € 42.00
  • Ticket kids 6-11 jaar
    € 30.00
  • Baby 0-5 jaar


Google Reviews

84,500 reviews
  • David Bailey
    David Bailey
    a week ago

    Our visit to Loro Parque in Tenerife was nothing short of amazing! My 9-year-old daughter and I visited in June, and despite it being busy, we managed to explore the entire park. The orcas, parrots, and penguins were absolutely mesmerizing – the shows were both entertaining and educational. Seeing the gorillas up close for the first time was an unforgettable experience; their size and presence were awe-inspiring. The park is well-organized, and the staff are friendly and helpful. We had an incredible day and can't wait to return. Five stars!

  • James Moore
    James Moore
    in the last week

    Amazing place... a full day out... if you're good at mazes it helps! Well worth the 42 euro price. Very heavy on conservation, carbon negative, and the evidence presented is that they are a force for good for the animals, hopefully all true 👍

  • Аліна Адаменко

    That was an amazing experience. My 3 year old daughter was really impressed by this wonderful zoo. Shows of parrots, dolphins and orcas were really spectacular. Penguins were amazing. All the animals are well-kept and very beautiful. And the zoo in general is very green. We’ve spent 6 hours in the zoo but didn’t get tired. Thank you for unforgettable memories.

  • Daarck Worgen
    Daarck Worgen
    3 weeks ago

    Beautiful setting, friendly and helpful staff, a choice of nice eating and drinking spots fitted around and some really impressive animal shows makes this a must-see. The huge enclosed aviary reminded me of Jurassic Park, but with beautiful multi coloured birds of paradise. Added to that, if you're lucky you'll catch one of the keepers doing his party piece - calling a few of the birds which then sit on his shoulders and head. Well worth a visit, spend a day here easily. On top of that, we traveled to the park by arranged bus pick up from the south of the island, and so got to a nice tour around the island as well.

  • Marysia Z
    Marysia Z
    3 months ago

    Loro Park has exceeded all our expectations. From the moment we arrived, it was clear that this was a zoo like no other. First and foremost, we were impressed by how easy it was to access all the attractions in the park. Just the right size to explore comfortably in a day without feeling overwhelmed. Yet, despite its manageable size, the park is packed with attractions and experiences that will captivate visitors of all ages. I was especially grateful for the shaded areas scattered throughout the park, providing a welcome respite from the Tenerife sun. It made exploring the park even more enjoyable, knowing that there were plenty of places to rest and cool off when needed. As for the food selection, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality on offer, there was something for everyone, and everything we tried was delicious. But what truly sets Loro Park apart is its incredible animal shows. From the majestic orcas and playful dolphins to the charming sea lions and colorful parrots, each show was a spectacle to behold. Being in such close proximity to these magnificent animals made me feel like I was in the heart of the jungle, surrounded by nature's wonders. I was also impressed by the park's use of modern technologies to enhance the visitor experience. Interactive exhibits, informative signage, and educational displays provided valuable insights into the natural world and the importance of conservation. Overall, I can't recommend Loro Park highly enough. It strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and education, and it's one of the best zoos I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. Whether you're a nature lover, an animal enthusiast, or just looking for a fun day out with the family, Loro Park is not to be missed.

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